And Pharmacy School Happened

It starts with a Dream

Authored by Marvelene Ekott, This book is a guide to navigate Pharmacy school and University life, gain career clarity and is definitely an enjoyable read for everyone, Pharmacist or not.

About The Author

Marvelene Ekott is a Pharmacist who completed her internship at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. She was trended on all social media after releasing a Pre induction picture as a fresh University of Uyo Pharmacy graduate on her induction in 2021 with so many certificates and awards gathered in the so called difficult Pharmacy school.

Her first book “And Pharmacy School Happened” birthed during the covid 19 lockdown has the secrets to how she currently has over 80 certifications including a diploma in Addiction medicine from the University of British Columbia, which she started acquiring in pharmacy school alongside 4 scholarships, 15 awards,10 offices,7 publications, laurels in intra/ interschool debates,3 businesses,an organization and lots more.

She is a Fellow of the YALI-RLC West Africa, Ghana, cohort 15, an Alumnus of the African Leadership Institute, the current Assistant State Coordinator for YALI Network, Akwa Ibom State, PRO and Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria-Young Pharmacists Group, Akwa Ibom State, a volunteer for over 50 organizations and a member of several international and local organizations where she’s either currently leading initiatives, partnering with or rendering professional services.

Marvelene Ekott
Pharmacist, Writer and Speaker.
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