The PSN-Young Pharmacists Group led by the National Secretary Pharm Ikwaibom Umoiyoho paid a courtesy visit to the PSN Deputy President, North Pharm Munir Elelu at his residence in Lokogoma, Abuja.

The meeting commenced with an opening prayer from Pharm Michael Paulinus after which the PSN Deputy President, North gave us a warm welcome.

The National Secretary, Pharm Ikwaibom Umoiyoho gave his opening remarks while emphasizing on the unavoidable absence of the National Chairman, Pharm Muyiwa Olagunju which was followed by introduction of young pharmacists who were present for the meeting.

Pharm Ikwaibom Umoiyoho delivered his speech which disclosed the many successes of PSN-Young Pharmacists Group, the projects currently at hand and those soon to be completed, the capacity development programs which have been carried out such as the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program of which He (Pharm Munir Elelu) attended not forgetting the recent adoption of the PSN-Young Pharmacists Group as an interest group of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) during the Annual General Meeting of the PSN which took place at the just concluded conference of the PSN, Oluyole 2018 in Ibadan. He also emphasized the recent Flag-off of the NAFDAC-Youth Against Drug Abuse Program in Kano and the Nationwide coverage which it has.

He went on to highlight most of the challenges of young pharmacists in Nigeria among which were Inadequate internship placements, Poor remuneration for Young Pharmacists, Unemployment, Discouragement with respect to research and development, Lack of access to financial support for pharmaceutical start-ups, Poor international involvement and representation as well as Poor representation of PSN-YPG in PSN committees.

Pharm Ikwaibom Umoiyoho and Pharm Etietop Timbre Eshiet

The PSN-YPG National Secretary called on the PSN through the Deputy President, North to intervene but not limited to the following which included prompt activation of
centralized internship, Support for capacity development of young pharmacists especially in disruptive information technology, entrepreneurship, and personal development, Standardization and improvement of remuneration packages for young pharmacists, Creation of PSN-YPG Research and Entrepreneurship Funds for Young Pharmacists, Sponsorship to international programs and conferences (such as FIP) to facilitate stimulating partnerships and afford international experiences for young pharmacists practicing in Nigeria fostering International Best practices, Recovery of Pharmacists roles and benefits in the Pharmaceutical industry from non pharmacists, Incorporation of PSN-YPG into committees created by the PSN, Recognition as an interest group through invitation to NEC meetings of PSN as well as request that all benefits and privileges accrued to interest groups be given to PSN-YPG and finally the support of PSN state chapters to their respective PSN-YPG chapters.

The Deputy President, North of the PSN addressed the centralized posting by stating ways which that can be achieved through our collective effort although the Federal Ministry of Health is working something out, among which he highlighted Advocacy visits to Commissioners of Health and Secretaries to State Government in different States in a bid to increase the internship slots in their Hospitals Management Board as well as Chief Medical Directors in Teaching hospitals, all these with involvement of the PCN.

He encourages young pharmacists to be involved in activities of the PSN as well as attendance at meetings of the PSN at the state level, he clearly stated  that challenges can easily be solved when young pharmacists are directly involved.

The Deputy President, North went on to affirm that he’s willing to take up PSN-YPG as his “baby”, assist in their activities and proffer working solutions to the challenges of the group whenever called upon.

On capacity building, The PSN Deputy President, North stated young pharmacists will be involved in the training team for community pharmacists and Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) in the PSN-Partnership for Advocacy in Maternal & Child Health.

Pharm Munir Elelu and Dr Precious Azino Usuemerai (PSN-YPG Abuja Coordinator)

He responded to Standardization of remuneration for young pharmacists Nationwide, clearly giving kudos to the PSN-YPG Rapid Response Committee led by Pharm Abubakar Jibo currently working on getting a nationwide figure for remuneration for young pharmacists in which case a position paper will be created for young pharmacists and strictly adhered to.

Pharm Munir elaborated on the need for proposals to be sent to appropriate quarters for access to international grants for pharmaceutical start-ups and encouraged YPG to get involved in production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and several bulking agents.

The Deputy President, North informed young pharmacists of the plan to ensure medical representatives of companies who are not pharmacists do not get involved with ethical pharmaceutical products to be discussed with the Registrar of the PCN.

He then closed by congratulating young pharmacists on the success of all their current National projects and those yet to be embarked upon wishing them success in all of them.

Pharm Michael Paulinus gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the PSN-YPG and Pharm Chukwuemeka Okwor gave the closing prayer.

Young Pharmacists who were present at the courtesy Visit were:

Pharm Ikwaibom Umoiyoho – PSN-YPG National Secretary
Pharm Precious Azino Usumerai – PSN-YPG Abuja Coordinator
Pharm Okulaekwe Obadiah Michael- PSN-YPG Abuja Financial Secretary
Pharm Etietop Timbre Eshiet
Pharm Chukwuemeka Okwor
Pharm Michael Paulinus

The 4th Annual National Conference; #TreasureBase2023

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