How a Nigerian pharmacist made his profession majestic by returning a transaction in Excess of 200,000 naira ($550)

A young Nigerian pharmacist Pharm David Nwakor who graduated from the University of Benin made a business transaction with a stranger and was paid in excess of Two hundred thousand naira (200,000 naira) which was considered to be an error unnoticed by the dealer, this is because he made the payment from two different accounts.

In playing his role as a good Nigerian and indeed as a pharmacist by profession he returned the complete fund to him, he was extremely shocked and at the same time grateful especially because he admitted he wouldn’t have been able to trace the money.

As a pharmacist we shall play our part in being honest individuals not necessarily for the reward but because we are honest and have integrity” as lamented by David.

This has shown that the young pharmacist has indeed remembered the oath he took at school of pharmacy and I quote:

I shall be guided in all dimension of my life by the highest standard of human conduct and accordingly will perform my service with Devotion, Dignity, Discretion and Honour

This young pharmacist has sworn to the oath and he has indeed committed himself never to act in a manner contrary to these vows.

The chairman of the PSN-YPG, Pharm. Hanson Ekomobong has highly commended the young pharmacist David for not only being a good person of Noble character but also as a pharmacist, because the pharmacy profession has been ranked the most honest and ethical profession especially in the developed countries and he also thanked him for living up to the trust bestowed on him by the profession and as the oath demands of him. Alot of congratulatory Messages have been sent to the PSN-YPG official social media accounts from young pharmacist showing their appreciation and admiration.

“As men of honour we Joins hand”

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