The meeting started by 12:46pm with opening remarks from Dr. Lolu Ojo. He welcomed the representatives of PSN-YPG led by the Chairman, Pharm. Olagunju Muyiwa.

The PSN-YPG Chairman proceeded to give his own remarks and also introduced the Young Pharmacistpresent. He thanked Dr. Lolu Ojo for honoring the invitation. Thereafter he gave his speech, laying emphasis on the objectives of PSN-YPG, roles, and achievements of previous tenures. He also presented some request to Dr. Lolu Ojo on behalf of PSN-YPG. The major points of the requests touched on the following:

• Inadequate internship placement.

• Poor remuneration of Young Pharmacists.

• Unemployment of our members.

• Discouragement with respect to research and development.

• Lack of access to financial support for pharmaceutical start-ups.

• Poor international involvement and representation.

• Poor representation of PSN-YPG in PSN committees.

The Chairman of PSN-YPG then called for help from Dr. Lolu Ojo in the following areas:

• Support for capacity development of young pharmacists, especially in disruptive information technology, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

• Sponsorship to international programs and conferences to facilitate stimulating partnerships and afford international experiences for young pharmacists practicing in Nigeria.

• Sponsorship of PSN-YPG NEC meeting taking place in Anambra State, 26th – 28th July, 2019.

The Chairman also reassured Dr. Lolu Ojo of the support of YPG in moving the profession forward.

The Immediate Past Chairman of the PSN-YPG, Pharm. Hanson Ekomobong thanked Dr. Lolu Ojo for the support he has rendered in the pharmacy profession. He said that he (Dr. Lolu Ojo) has been an inspiration to many young pharmacists, and also thanked him for his support for YPG programs.

He said that although some of the challenges laid down by the Chairman may not be directly looked into by him (Dr. Lolu Ojo), but he knows that Dr. Lolu Ojo has the influence and contact to make things happen.

In response, Dr. Lolu Ojo advised that young pharmacists should most importantly look after their career, especially those that have intention to serve the society. He said that politics that is being played today is different from how it was played then, and that young pharmacistneed to tread carefully.

He emphasized that service to the society don’t go unrewarded. He went on to cite examples of how God has blessed him in his service to the society.

He also said that we should keep in mind that the pharmacy profession needs to be more united than it has been before as we have a lot of challenges to overcome in the health care sector, and that this can only be achievable if we remain united. He then went ahead to make the following points known in response to the requests:

That he has no direct authority in making some of the requests from PSN-YPG granted, but will help in influencing such decisions.

Young Pharmacists should try not to be in a position of begging, and that we should be competent in what we are doing.

He said for financial support, that YPG should draft out a proposal of what they want to achieve so that the necessary support can be rendered. He went on to say that young pharmacists that have innovative ideas and want these ideas become a reality but need financial backing should also draft out a proposal of the idea and he will help take necessary steps to aid the financial support.

About international events, hsaid that young pharmacists should have a strategic purpose of attending. He said that Nigeria always have a large number of delegates but we don’t always give presentations, and that he wishes that this changes in the coming years, but he will give the necessary support needed to YPG.

He said the world is changing and new developments are happening, and that pharmacy must key into these developments, he made reference to e-pharmacy and the steps taken to regulate it.

In conclusion, he pleaded with YPG and her members to stop R&G practice, he emphasized that it is killing the profession. He challenged the YPG executives to look into ways that can help curb such practice.

He thanked the representatives of PSN-YPG for visiting him and promised to work with us to move the profession forward.

The meeting ended by 1:47pm.


Dr. Lolu Ojo FPSN (MD/CEO, Merit Healthcare Limited)

Pharm. Muyiwa Olagunju (National Chairman, PSN-YPG)

Pharm. Hanson Ekomobong (Immediate Past National Chairman, PSN-YPG)

Pharm. Emmanuel Obayomi.

The 4th Annual National Conference; #TreasureBase2023

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