Pharmacists visit NYSC camp Iseyin Oyo state

On 9th April 2019, representatives of Young Pharmacists’ Group (YPG) Oyo state, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) set out to Iseyin camp. YPG Oyo state was represented by Pharm. Egbon Olukayode (State Coordinator), Pharm Firinajoyisopin Oyelude(Gen. secretary) and Pharm. Yemi Adekunle (Drug Abuse Committee Leader).

Pharm. Egbon spoke on the issue of drug abuse to the attentive corps members. He made it known to them that they should ensure they speak to professionals, particularly pharmacists, about their drug therapy problems. He adviced them to avoid the temptation of drug abuse. The corps members were also reminded to use their drugs appropraitely when on a drug regimen.

Drug Abuse fliers were distributed to the corps members on the camp grounds courtsey YPG Oyo. YPG Oyo state, PSN and ACPN presented a carton of antimalarial drugs to the camp clinic and this was recieved by the Oyo state NYSC State Coordinator who showed appreciation for the kind gesture. YPG Oyo state was introduced to corps members who are pharmacists and their data was collected for proper integration into the state group.

The 4th Annual National Conference; #TreasureBase2023

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